Tuesday, November 23, 2010

source of the pearl....

This is my path....
Follow if you wish..
this bald rock a metre high above the ground presses down on the aquifer
so that from
a thin slip of slate squeezes the Pearl.
This is its pitiful source.
Choctaw once called it a rally after the soldiers had come to fetch their families west...where no one says 'home'...
The Pearl meanders amid the ragged pines,grass tall as a four point deer,a land mottled with weed.suffused with a stench of stump..Further downstream,another fissure opens...It's almost full hidden under the lightning struck pine-logs...a recent fall ,its sap shines bright as holiday tinsel draped lazily along black stump..Fresh ,clear,cold water that furrows your brow,when you drink too quickly..taste there..
beginnings are remembered.not tasted.
towns,cities and wide trailers abuse the Pearl elsewhere..by the time,it is river,
we have walked some vacant miles-we are a delicatessen afoot moving slowly against evergrown vines & brush.

Some say.this cannot be the source of the Pearl..Find it on a state map and say..'Here....nothing as you describe it..'
I am not your guide,i reply...
This is my path.
Follow if you wish...

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  1. and the music of the pearl drifted to a whisper and disappeared.....