Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Images and Moments.....

A withdrawal of a wish
to stand and to laugh
With the lifeless birds
on a golden bedsheet...
A movement to start
and it's too early to sleep
a night in the making of
Greatness laid bare
by the time it flickers
like moonshine on the
strands of dry hair...
In a polished verse
of an evening poet
rising in the midst of
sleepy coherance,
to lift a hand
for some downtrodden man
and who's to blame
if the bowl is empty
and the warmth of food 
for a leathery noose
which tightens
as the minutes
explode into grains of sand.
For a searching insect
on a white bit of paper
and a jittery hand
masquerading as prince
of thick evening bricks
which wide in the depths
of yellow-walled tombs;
to turn back and say
 and to know the way
as the feeling sinks in
of a night bounded sin
coming cropper
against wishes and laughter,
of cropped hair and confrontations,
of bewildered men
resigned to their fate
imprisoned by the dawn
and shackled by sunchains....
For losing and winning
in turn of a wheel
and distorted steel in an ivory hand
Sweet flashes of cross country green
on a blue train in gale
with grilled windows
which look through
the haze of heat
as women pass by
with the clothes hung by a wire
Chekered pyjamas and evening light
in the colour of fire
Where have you been
in the stretched land
of REM  Sleep????


  1. images and moments flying high
    meanings and metaphors drew nigh
    inviting the smug, thoughtless mind
    on a journey of an ethereal kind

    and as i rose to the challenge it posed
    all my syllogisms decomposed
    free verse, free as a verse it flew
    over the things i genetically knew

    and images and moments flying still
    belying things i know or ever will

  2. kano bhalo hoyechhe bojhanor konoi dorkar nei.kintu khub i bhalo hoyechhe.