Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A rainbow smouldered around that nook...
In public ,today...
This corner throngs with deaf and dumb dew-
This was all the news told....
This was all we read...
The silhouette  that plays with the sphinx's wings
How foolish it sounds to say..
"I too have a heart.."


  1. both of the poems that you have put up so far have references to geographical formations. i wonder if such references imply a distinction between the external physical landscape and the contours of the poetic consciousness. "The silhouette that plays with the sphinx's wings" "Knows" invariably, without exception. it's the word on which the poem turns; it's the most important word in the poem. when it comes, it comes with great force. "yesterday" is wistful, longed for, forever lost, forever passing. for me, this poem is about the infinite distance between "news" and "knowledge". subjectivity is ironic here . the personal pronoun "I" is used once, and that too, within quotes ("I too have a heart..."). the underlying sense of the impossibility of sharing or translating the impeccable beauty of a rainbow that "smouldered around that nook" is presented ironically which actually makes the utterance more acute and poignant. it is "that" nook and not "the" nook. this suggests a familiarity with the nook, the shelter, the grove, the asylum. the poet is familiar with the nook. she has visited the nook quite often. she is writing from the nook of her mind. the rainbow is painted with the colours of her fancy...

  2. heartiest thnx,avirup..keep on encouraging me....:)

  3. Sonali rupali sabuje suneel e....I liked it although I am not quite sure of the motive of the silhouette,poetically.For me, the sixth line is a bit discordant. The rest,in its spirit and beauty,superb.

  4. 'a rainbow comes pouring into my window....i am electrified.....'

    'Thank god I have an innocent eye for nature.
    I was born to remember a song about love - on a hill a butterfly
    makes a cup that I drink from, walking over a bridge of

    ei-jonyoi shob pakhi, shob nodii, shob len-den phuriye gele-o, orlovsky-ra theke jaye.....