Friday, November 26, 2010

A Fine Day to leave.....

I wish to leave on a day like this
with a February sun,
Balmy and benign,like a mother's scolding....
Salvia and pansies are in bloom,
Rosebuds have opened obediently 
as per diktat of season.
My love is alive and well,
happy beyond my belief..
so that I let him hold my hand
for a while.
I wish to leave now
when friends are still friends,
their smiles like the first summer shower..
Guavas have fresh, crisp taste of our
when we returned from school
in rain drenched clothes.
If I leave now,
I'll take a bit of this warm sun,
A bit of this love,
a lot of this friendship,
A bite of tangy guava....


  1. Sylvia Plath.... I can hear her footsteps in your words

  2. Superb.This one is superb.Eta mone rakhar moto lekha.

  3. Do you wish to see it published or that has been taken care of? This one made my day.