Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sprouting Love !!!..Dedicated to Prince Andrei..

Some seeds are sown,
before the age dawn
'sprouting they are
after ther period of
slumber is gone..'

Oh Moon I thou act as gardener
   sprouting the seeds
By sprinkling your white honey
A phoenix , bye virtue of your
romantic motion
bringing a change in my notion.

I a sufferer from
the viral attack of
my emotions,
forgetting the worldly mad race
for resolutions
whenever he makes ,
 an proposition,
sometimes in my dreams
   sometimes in my art,
a creation, a whimsical craze.

Impulses surround all around
whenever his thoughts traverse
through my spines,
then the heart is not confined
the locked door of emotions
    is opened and jammed
the key of adolescence
bleeding romanticism,
coating my words before him
with a romantic,coating,
smiling , he listens to them,
oh those, stained words.

The door is opened ,
the wind beating incessantly.
The rose,a mere catalyst
to revive my love for him,
through the fragnance
he might be anywhere near.

He,whose essence,
whose charm
fills the whole ambience
emanating from his heart
giving a rebirth
   to my art.
Let him not depart
though he hasn't arrived yet.
Let he become by nourishing
    the Mozart being
I myself,Oh! mighty director
  Let him come and act
in his worldly stage
    Giving a happy bloom
               to my role,
sowing the seeds of
prosperity and satisfaction
in this restless incessantly beating heart.

Let alone, oh world
   into a cosmic leisure
 Let me become the astronomer
         with a lovely telescope
          and let he become
          the star, my destination.

Let me alone
and my creativity
pounding in my heart
waiting a warm

Oh! World
Never brand him
   a tumour in me,
Who gives my beating heart
restless and curious,
a search for the
showers of leisure and art....

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