Thursday, February 23, 2012

Escape from the owl of plagiarism!!

The Clock struck twelve
the midnight started swinging
Volcanic developments going in the mind
for the erupting magma of art and creativity!!

Pages of literature and fiction
turning the history of hope,
in sweat drenched hands.
the dictionary turning and tuning
the fate of words.
The old owl of plagiarism
sitting with withered  wings,
wearing the spectacles of treachery.

Rhyming synonyms put into the balance,
greatest short stories and ideals turned
to whip the horse of spontaneity,
to drive the cart of imprinted emotions.

The operation in full swing
the programme of " MY COMPUTER changing
the aberration of a saintly figure in saffron robe
a voice reverberating the historic 'CHICAGO ADDRESS'
revealing the secret of of work in these words
'helping a man spiritually the greatest possible help.'

My mind gradually building
the stalactites and stalacmites of wisdom
the aberration,slowly vanishing,serving as a rudder,
guiding my pirate ship of thoughts
to surrender in the dock of honesty.
Tears of repentance rolling through my cheeks.
My arrow of a single glimpse of truth,
the old owl of plagiarism flying away and away,
flapping its wing.

Satiated, feeling my triumph,I went to bed,
when the clock struck one.

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