Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Outside the movie hall
on the footsteps we sit
You and I watch the 
strange swirls of colour and sound.
(we like so much those things
in which sound and colour weave.)
The city moves in random motion
People,clothes, cigarettes,all on the move
Cars,bikes,couples ,all on the move.
Into the night. Hold on. Don't throw
anything away.

We are so still we could be asleep 
and this could be a
dream of swirling colours, I see
The way you lie in bed
Light is harsh.
We sit on the steps and
so many things move. We
sit still out before our eyes
Everything moves,colours streak and swirl,
sounds jumble and fade.....
And it's like looking out at a movie screen.
Overwhelming. unreal.
(But our thoughts move like
the rhythm of jazz ,swoop
and run, descend and
Ascend like trombones and
Turn and twist and hit
Like a piano). This is it....


  1. Catching the colors of existence, events and all that we get to experience in reality in one single snap-shot...how synchronized....Are we all the movie-stars????